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What Our Patients Say

Facilitating Recovery From Surgery

Scott was a terrific physical therapist who helped me recover from my surgery for a torn Achilles tendon. It was a long rehabilitation process, but he was a great therapist and coach throughout. Scott is very knowledgeable, patient, communicative and a genuinely nice person. I would definitely go back to Scott for any future physical therapy needs.

– Chris F.

Simply First-Rate Service

Scott is simply first-rate. He is calm, caring and very effective. He listens to you and adapts to what you describe is going on with your body. I highly recommend him.

– Adrianne M.

Back to Running and Biking

Scott Johnson is a talented and knowledgeable physical therapist. From the first minutes of our initial meeting, Scott impressed me with his abilities by showing that he understood the nature of my injury and how it had affected me. He further demonstrated his competence by explaining the steps we would follow to put me on the path to recovery. Scott answered all of my questions and concerns, providing helpful information, home exercise routines and suggestions. During the in-office therapy, Scott was attentive, encouraging and responsive. At the conclusion of our sessions, thanks to Scott’s expert methods, I was back to my regular workout routine, including running and biking, restored to how I was before. That was a great relief, and I’ll always be grateful to Scott.

– Evan S.

Return to Sport

I have had to employ the services of Scott Johnson on three separate occasions, once for a torn labrum, and twice for an ACL repair. All three injuries were related to sports, and each time I was concerned that I would no longer be able to participate in my sport due to the severity of injury. After each surgery, I worked with Scott at length to repair my body. He was patient, direct and motivating. He worked as the perfect companion and coach. I am 100% certain that I would not be back to performing the sport I love if it weren’t for Scott’s absolute professionalism exhibited throughout my PT sessions. In the event that I get injured again, he is the only person I would hire for the job.

– Ron V.

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