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Pegasus Physical Therapy

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Our Services

What to Expect

  • We start with an initial evaluation: One of our Orthopaedic Clinical Specialists will collaborate with you and your referring physician to determine the best course of care.
  • We craft a customized program: Evidence-based treatments help us facilitate healing and reduce downtime.
  • We promote successful outcomes: Through hands-on manual techniques and one-on-one treatments with the same therapist, our clinicians pave the way for your return to the activities you love.

Founded by an Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist with a focus in sports medicine, Pegasus Physical Therapy offers a wide variety of services.

Services offered by Pegasus Physical Therapy include:

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists are highly-educated health care professionals, and incorporate manual techniques, joint mobilizations, neuromuscular re-education and custom exercise programs to help patients regain mobility and manage or eliminate pain.

Sports Medicine

Our clinicians, with extensive education in musculoskeletal medicine, are trained in treating sports-related injuries. We employ evidence-based treatments that have been shown to be effective through clinical research.

Manual Therapy

Manual techniques are used to improve joint mobility, range of motion, target soft tissue imbalances and improve spine biomechanics.

Neuromuscular Re-education

Improper muscle sequencing can be an underlying cause of poor joint mechanics and pain. We utilize a variety of techniques to train your body and re-establish normal patterns of movement. Treatments may include BOSU and Swiss Ball training, as well as targeting fine and gross motor skills to improve core control.

Dynamic Rhythmic Stabilization

This technique encourages core stability and coordinated movement of the shoulder complex. By alternating the direction of applied resistance, we use this technique to instill proper movement patterns and improve proprioception.

Video Gait Analysis

Anyone—from new runners to experienced endurance athletes—can experience an injury. We utilize video gait analysis to analyze your gait pattern and improve your technique. Our staff work closely with our endurance athletes and are able to advise runners on proper form, training methods and strategies for preventing injuries. Plus: We offer our patients customized Return to Running programs.

Pre- and Post-operative Rehabilitation

Preparing for surgery? We can design a program to improve your strength and range of motion before your procedure, which may promote a quicker recovery after surgery.

Proprioceptive Training

Proprioception is your sense of how your body is positioned in space—body awareness. Your body uses information from sight, muscle spindles, joints and the vestibular system to maintain balance. Physical therapists may include treatments using a balance board, suspension training or a high-density foam floor to alter proprioceptive input. This type of training may be beneficial for a patient who recently had his or her foot or ankle immobilized in a walking boot, or an athlete who wants to optimize performance.

Complimentary Injury Screen

A licensed physical therapist consults with you to discuss your primary complaint and perform a comprehensive musculoskeletal examination. Once we have a better understanding of how your injury affects your life, we can discuss possible medical options. Our clinicians are committed to your health; if needed, we are able to recommend a physician for your specific injury and streamline the process for you.

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